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Children Myopia Control

Myopia (short-sightedness) in children is a serious health issue in Hong Kong. Research shown that the prevalence of myopia (-0.50D or above) for Hong Kong children aged 6 and 12 was 18.3% and 61.5% respectively. Such worrying figures indicated that Hong Kong is one of the places in the world with the highest number of myopic children. High myopia (-6.00D or above) has been proven to associate with various eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment. It is crucial to control myopia from progressing rapidly in children.

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What is orthokeratology (ortho-k)?

Orthokeratology is a proven and effective method for nearsightedness control. It is one of the golden standards for comparison of other myopic control methods. By use of special design rigid gas permeable contact lenses at nighttime, Optometrist may amend the shape of the cornea to achieve good quality vision without glasses and contact lenses at daytime. Orthokeratology can alter the peripheral image focus, while keeping the central vision clear.

Who is suitable for ortho-k lenses?

  • Those of age 7 and above
  • Less than -6.00D of myopia and with less than -2.00D of astigmatism.
  • Rapidly progressing myopia.
  • Sports and water sports enthusiast.
  • For those not suitable for LASIK refractive surgery
  • For those with dry eye problem associated with soft contact lens

Should you consider ortho-k lenses?

  1. Good vision can usually be maintained throughout the day after lens removal.
  2. Effective in slowing myopic progression in children.
  3. Ortho-k can reduce myopia of 5.00D within two weeks. However, individual variation does exist.
  4. Complications associated with conventional contact lens wear, such as dryness and irritation from dust can be avoided.
  5. Safe alternative to LASIK laser refractive surgery with no wounds and no dry eyes.
  6. The Orthok-K effect is reversible and can be stopped anytime. The eyes will soon resume their normal condition thereafter.
  1. Ortho-k is NOT a CURE for myopia. The Ortho-K effect will wear off gradually after ceasing lens wear.
  2. Aftercare consultations are necessary to ensure effectiveness and safety.
  3. Some contact lens-related problems, such as solution sensitivity, infection, corneal epithelial trauma or ulceration may occur, though the risk of complication is very dependent on compliance.
  4. Wearing any type of contact lenses possesses the risk of corneal infection. Ortho-k lens wearers and parents should
  5. strictly follow the instructions given by the optometrist to ensure ocular health.

Wearing any type of contact lenses possesses the risk of corneal infection. Ortho-k lens wearers and parents should strictly follow the instructions given by the optometrist to ensure ocular health.

Each Kids Pro-tech lens is crafted with precision and finished with multiple layers of protective coating, effectively controlling myopia progression and protecting your child’s eyes.

Kids Pro-tech Myopic Control Protective Lenses

Swisscoat Kids Pro-tech, the children myopia control protective lenses are the innovation that not only controls myopia progression in your child, but also protect their maturing eyes from UV, blue light, and impact resistant protective properties.

Each Kids Pro-tech lens is infused with 5 major Swisscoat technologies.

  1. StressFree Anti-blue light coating
  2. Myopia Control design
  3. Armour UV protective lens
  4. IMPACT Free coating
  5. Clearview HD coating

StressFree – the blue light protection proven by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Swisscoat’s StressFree coating features effective protection against high energy blue light. In a commissioned research done by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University1, it is proven that Swisscoat’s StressFree coating offers the following benefits.

  1. Effectively filters high energy blue light
  2. Does not hinder color and contrast sensitivity
  3. Does not affect night vision

Clearview HD coating

Each Kids Pro-tech lens is applied with Clearview HD coating, effectively minimizing reflection from the inside of the lens, and enhances the effect of StressFree coating.

Myopia Control Design

Myopia Control lens design enables the creation of lenses with a deceasing prescription power that eases the strain on the eyes and curbs myopia progression2. These lenses are most suited for children aged 8 and above.

Advantages of Myopia Control Lens Design

  • Eases myopia progression
  • Minimizes eye stress when reading
  • Improves visual clarity in all distances
  • Smooth transition of visual zones

Armour UV lens for superior UV protection

It is a common misconception that sunglasses mean UV (ultraviolet) block. The truth is that many sunglasses on the market are not fitted with lenses that completely block UV. Despite what many are led to believe, the lens color is not a factor in UV protection.

Swisscoat Armour UV protective lenses feature double-sided UVA and UVB protection, delivering all round protection for your children’s eyes.

Armour UV and StressFree synergizes to protect your eyes anytime, anywhere

Armour UV’s UV and blue-violet light block is combined with StressFree’s blue light block for all round protection against high energy light, safeguarding children’s delicate eyes.

IMPACT Free Nano-thin Anti-impact Coating

All Swisscoat Kids Pro-tech lenses are coated with IMPACT Free Nano-thin Anti-impact Coating, which could reduce damage caused by impact while retaining image clarity.

The coating is only 560 nanometer (nm) thick, effectively adding nothing to the lens weight and keeping the lens feather-light. It also enhances the adhesiveness of other coatings on the lens, strengthening the endurance of the lenses.

  1. Reported by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the January 3rd 2017 publication from PLoS ONE.
  2. Progression of Myopia in Hong Kong Chinses Schoolchildren Is Slowed by Wearing Progressive Lenses, Optom Vis Sci 1999;76:346-354

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