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The Brand

This Danish brand initiates the design of their eyewear from a connoisseur’s perspective that fully embrace discreet elegance and exacting craftsmanship. The use of precious metal makes their glasses stand the test of time and generates an everlasting visual impact.

LINDBERG glasses are known around the world for their minimalist design. The brand is synonymous with award-winning, high-end rimless glasses and is often considered to make the best customized rimless eyeglasses in the world. Luxurious and elegant, This eyewear is remarkably lightweight at as little as 1.9 grams, with a strong and flexible titanium frame and an innovative screw-less design.

Beginning in 1983 when Poul-Jorn Lindberg teamed with architect Hans Dissing to design the AIR Titanium frame, the brand was officially born one year later and has since won more than 40 awards for its designs. LINDBERG eyewear has also received a Warrant of Appointment, an honor granted to high-end companies that furnish goods to the royal family. LINDBERG has won such prestigious honors as the  Silmo d’Or, iF Product Design, G-Mark, Eyewear of the Year and Red Dot awards……


There is no other eyewear brand like LINDBERG. You the wearer can customize virtually every aspect of the LINDBERG rimless glasses. You can choose any color, any finish, any style, any size temple, and any lens shape! If you want a pair of glasses with red temples and a gray bridge. No matter what your favorite colors, teams, or fashion, it can be created in a customizable LINDBERG.

LINDBERG’s rimless glasses are the perfect choice for a person who wants the look of “not wearing glasses” at all. By the way, many LINDBERG frames without prescription lenses weight inly 1.7 grams. LINDBERG sunglasses follow the same lightweight trend, have nose pads for extra comfort, and look great. LINDBERG is a popular choice of many professional people including lawyers, judges, and those in the financial community because of the eyewear’s timeless and minimalist design. Over time, LINDBERG branched out to other styles and now have precious metals, kids, horn, and acetate eyewear collections. These include spirit titanium, air titanium rim strip, strip titanium and strip titanium acetanium buffalo collection exclusively for your smart choice.

Lindberg is a Danish company that has established a reputation for creating glasses that feature beautiful, award-winning design and unmatched craftsmanship. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating Lindberg’s high-quality eyewear.

1. Design

Lindberg glasses are synonymous with elegant simplicity and have won a variety of international design awards. Steeped in generations of Danish design tradition, Lindberg frames are known to be simple, refined and contemporary. Every frame is custom-built for each customer using patented technologies and the highest quality materials — for a look and feel that people love.

2. Materials

All of Lindberg’s hand-made frames feature responsibly sourced materials that are strong and pleasing to the eye. Using only the finest materials composed of titanium, acetate, gold, wood and buffalo horn— Lindberg eyewear is tough to beat. The company’s popular rimless eyeglasses weigh only 1.9 grams, while still featuring a strong, flexible titanium frame. All of their frames are light, yet durable — beautiful to look at, yet tough as nails.

3. Engineering

Lindberg glasses aren’t simply thrown together when it comes time for assembling. Each pair is carefully engineered using patented technical innovations, with great attention to detail in every step of the process. Lindberg designs are so sophisticated that screws, rivets and welds have been eliminated from their designs completely — resulting in lightweight, long-lasting works of art.

4. Customization

Add your stamp of personalization by laser engraving your name or favorite saying on the inside of the glasses. There is no cookie-cutter assembly line at Lindberg. Glasses are made to meet the buyer’s individual preferences through the work of experienced eyewear craftsmen. Every frame comes in multiple sizes to ensure a proper fit on your nose and ears. All Lindberg glasses are hand-finished and individually numbered to reflect their high-quality, customized designs. You can find your own Lindberg luxury frames at Brill Eye Center, among many other fashionable brands that we carry.

Lindberg glasses

Lindberg sunglasses

The Lindberg sunglasses are part of the wide catalog of products of the brand. Lindberg in his sunglasses stays true to his designs and technology, creating unique models. Lindberg sunglasses maintain classic lightness in the brand’s products. Lindberg sun lens are made from the finest materials, 100% sunscreen and offer high strength and durability.

Lindberg glasses make use of exclusive materials such as titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamonds, and in some models, even natural animal horn. Patented Lindberg technical innovations, along with carefully engineered and crafted details, have revolutionised modern eyewear. They have got rid of everything that is not essential – including all screws, rivets and welds. This produces incredibly strong and flexible frames yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world.

They are very resistant glasses that make buying Lindberg glasses a safe investment, a commitment to a durable and high quality product. Our experts can advise you at all times to choose the product that best suits your taste and needs. At, we offer the best selling models of Lindberg glasses hong Kong at the best price with free shipping.

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