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Adidas arguably the most famous name in the world of sports glasses. The mission of Adidas glasses is to build eyewear for athletes. Wherever there is an athletic contest taking place under the sun, someone is wearing Adidas eyewear. Adidas’ aim is to support athletes in any way that they can. Thus field of vision, protection, fit and flexibility are the critical concepts that Adidas looks to uphold. Adidas has a wide range of Adidas sports glasses, and now brings equal attention to the design and quality to their Adidas eyeglasses. There are a number of neat features of Adidas glasses. Adidas sunglasses offer complete protection from UV radiation, as well as from sand, water, and other environmental pressures. Adidas sport glasses with the 3-stripes marks as the registered trademarks are designed to support your vision.

Adidas prescription glasses and Adidas prescription sunglasses with uv protection from the latest Adidas collection are now available to meet your various sports and lifestyle.Prescription lenses is always custom work, because of the prescription and sense of style is unique to you. An Adidas sport eyewear is always providing a range of personalized prescriptions to keep you best performance and in tune with your surroundings or even in extreme situation.

Looking for a pair of Adidas prescription sports glasses that you can take on your next sport activity? Simply choose your favorite Adidas glasses frames from Swisscoat. You can visit our individual product page will give you a variety of additional information, products, events and promotion including offers and discounts about your new Adidas eyewear. We provide a range of product photos for each pair of glasses so that you can see what they look like from different angles. You are also invited to use our 360-degree view of the glasses to give you a more complete impression of the Adidas frames that you have chosen. You can then use our Online Fitting Tool 3D Try On to get a first look at the Adidas glasses frame on your own face. You can even subscribe to us for receiving personalised marketing messages. These messages are about adidas sport will always keep you latest Adidas sport eyewear products events easily. Look at our privacy policy for details about the subscription.

Our highest quality lenses offer triple protection against the elements: an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare in sunlight; a scratch-resistant coating for increased durability; and an easy-clean for quick, effortless cleaning – and great-looking glasses.To place your order, simply select your favorite Adidas frames and add them to your shopping basket. Enter your prescription and specifications. You can also order your new Adidas glasses with tinted lenses or with different types of lenses for an additional charge. We will always ship your orders as soon as possible in order to meet your satisfaction is our top priority,  Upon receiving of our products,we will offer you value-added service of 100% Money Back Guarantee because we are confident in our products, 

View More Adidas Glasses