Macular Gegeneration
The macular is the central part of the retina. Macular is a small-speciallised cemtral area, which is responsible for fine detailed vision such as reading. Macular degeneration usually is a very slow progressing disease where the central area becomes this and withered, so it functions less well. This cannot be treated at present.

There is also a more severe form of macular degeneration fortunately not as common. In this condition blood vessels growing under the macula leak fluid or blood , which form distortions to the smooth, even surface of retina and damage the retina cells. Vision will become distorted and eventually reduced considerably. This condition can be treated with new therapies by specialist ophthalmologists.

If you or your family members notice distortion of near vision, wavy lines, gaps and holes in a page of print, it could be sign of early macular degeneration and should be examined by an optometrist.