• Adjusts to changing light to enhance visual performance
• Optimum color for driving in all daylight conditions
• Polarized to block blinding glare


Drivewear Transitions lenses are the only lenses designed specifically for the driving task. They will automatically adjust to the best color and appropriate darkness behind the windshield – all to optimize your driving performance.

Drivewear Transitions lenses may be right for you…
• If you want the best visual acuity for daytime driving
• If you are concerned with UV damage and blinding glare
• If you want a great lens for driving and for outdoors
• If you want the benefits of polarization and photochromics combined
• If you want the right darkness and the right color for changing daylight driving conditions

Available in single vision bifocals and no-line bifocals. Also available in non-prescription.


Drivewear Transitions lenses:
• Adapt to changing light conditions to enhance visual performance while driving
• Polarized to make driving safer by cutting glare
• Make driving more enjoyable by improving contrast
• Lessen eye fatigue
• Protect your eyes outdoors from glare and block 100% UVA and UVB rays