• Darkest everyday lenses, even in hot temperatures
• Slight indoor tint
• Moderate activation behind the windshield


Transitions XTRActive lenses provide superior darkness outdoors, in all temperatures; will darken modestly behind a windshield; and have an attractive tint indoors.

Transitions XTRActive lenses may be right for you…
• If you spend a lot of time outdoors
• If you prefer a very dark lens outdoors
• If you like an attractive tint indoors
• If you want the convenience of one pair of eyeglasses
• If you want some darkening behind the windshield

Available in gray, single vision multifocals.


Transitions XTRActive lenses:
• Are the darkest everyday lens available even in hot temperatures
• Are your best option if you want a slight tint indoors
• Automatically adjust to changing light conditions outdoors
• Provide moderate activation behind the windshield
• Protect your eyes outdoors from most kinds of glare and block 100% UVA and UVB