General Office
SWISSCOAT Office is created to the wearers who works long time in an office and in front of a computer, it is an ideal lens for alleviating computer vision Syndrome and the alternative to reading glasses

SWISSCOAT i-Office is ideal for your desk work. It is an unique lens design which offers you more freedom of movement in the office. This design has extremely wide near, intermediate zone and the clear vision field, they are the best choice for the wearer when working with computers, at work, at home and at play. This is real individual near-vision lenses that guarantee you optimum comfort in wear.

SWISSCOAT i-Room is specifically designed to cater for this lifestyle evolution in the indoor habitat by offering an extremely comfortable indoor lens with tremendously extended middle vision zone to allow the wearer to work relaxingly in front of a computer while retaining perfect visual function in the typical indoor environment.

SWISSCOAT i-Reader allows perfect vision for both reading and computer use with very low distortion level and helps prevent the discomfort of Computer Vision Syndrome.