Every NXT lens is designed to accomplish two goals: deliver an unbelievably rich visual experience and stand up to the physical demands of your customer’s high-performance lifestyles.

Visual Experience

- Optical clarity of Trivex® material provides and uninhibited view of the world
- Polarization blocks the blinding glare that is a major impediment to a pure visual experience
- Varia™ photochromic technology dynamically responds to changing light conditions
- NXT Rx lenses offer the same optimal visual experience for prescription sunwear.
- NXT lenses are enhanced with advanced lens treatments such as anti-reflective, hydrophobic
  and mirror coatings to provide an unobstructed view of the world.

Physical Experience

- 100% UVA/UVB blockage is built into every NXT lens to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
- All-day comfort is made possible through the lightweight performance of Trivex material.
- Safety and protection are enabled by the extreme impact resistance of Trivex material
- Unique lens geometries, shapes and frame types will stand the test of time thanks to the
  unmatched durability of Trivex material.
- NXT lenses are enhanced with advanced scratch-resistant coatings to put up with the wear
   and tear of every-day life.