SWISSCOAT Genius advanced Eye-Point Technology which has enabled the development of this new lens – making it the first progressive lens designed through an exact simulation of the human eye.

SWISSCOAT MiniPro is created for the fashionable eyeglass wearers who do not want to compromise on style and quality. It is the ultimate precision-engineered, short corridor progressive lens for accurate. Progressive design for every angle, every vision zone and every prescription. You will immediately sense the difference.

SWISSCOAT SII progressive has to cover the focus problems are alleviated. When switching vision zones, the final user no longer has a feeling of falling or being out of control.
Despite widened vision zones, distortional levels are reduced while lower prismatic levels allow for a thinner lens in all directions.
Vision levels are improved and so is the elegant appearance of the lens. And that's not all. When you try to convince bifocal wearers to make the change, You'll be hard pressed to find another affordable top-of-the-line progressive lens.

SWISSCOAT ECO progressive, a progressive solution for budget with good far vision, middle and reading section that perfect for progressive beginner.

SWISSCOAT Deluxe mineral progressive, a progressive solution to budget mineral progressive wearer, Deluxe provide comfort vision in your daily life.