Professional Eye Examination - Swisscoat vision center

Eyes are our windows to the world and Swisscoat provides professional comprehensive eyecare examination to protect them. Comprehensive Eye Examination can help you know your eye better and provide data for your treatment. It includes:

  • eye and medical history taking: detailed inquiries into daily habits, visual health, family history of ocular pathology, medication, and more.
  • color vision screening refraction: to measure your ability to tell difference between colors, and diagnose your color vision.
  • refraction test: looking through an optic device to read letters or recognize symbols on a wall chart through lenses with different power to check for any refractive errors.
  • pupil examination: using pupil dilating eye drops to dilate or enlarge your pupil in order to obtain a better view of the fundus of your eye.
  • intra-ocular pressure: preliminary assessment to glaucoma diagnosis
  • exterior and interior ocular health: comprehensive check-up on cornea, lens, retina, macula ect.
  • binocular vision: assessment of binocular vision functions would identify any strabismus and other eye diseases.
  • digital retinal scans: to take a highly detailed photograph of your retina. The scan allows us to identify the early stages of eye diseases.
  • diagnosis and recommendation: optometrists will review and analyze the results, then discuss with patients for best treatment options.

Swisscoat Vision Centre and Eye Care Clinic is equipped with a variety of advanced ophthalmic instruments. We recommend adults to undergo an exam at least once a year, and every 6 months for children.

Essential Eye Examination